Our First Home

Last week, I posted about our house hunt. Last Friday, we signed our contract for…House #3! Kevin and I are officially tenants in common with rights of survivorship!

Our house, which does happen to be in the middle of our street.

Although House #3 was more than we initially thought we wanted to spend, it has a 3-year-old roof and a brand-new A/C, which means that two of the most expensive renovations we would have to do to a home are already taken care of (for now). The only major repair we will have to do is re-pipe the entire house, hopefully 5 to 10 years from now. Our house was built in 1969, and it still has the original galvanized steel pipe, which we will have to replace with PVC eventually. The location is pretty central and yet close to the highway for Kevin’s commute. The yard is huge, and I love the screened porch. The bonus room is a nice addition too, though for now it will just house all of our yard equipment until we can knock down and replace the rotting shed.

The closing was more fun than I expected. We signed our names so many times that my signature morphed into scribbles toward the end. I had imagined that it would be terrifying, like a trial or something, where we would have to answer for all the information in our loan application. Instead, it was an easygoing sit-down where the title lawyer explained our entire contract to us as we signed what I consider to be a document more binding than marriage. We also received a very sweet note from the sellers wishing us well in our new home, and our Realtors gave us a gingerbread-house kit as our first Christmas decoration. (By the way, if you’re ever thinking about buying or selling a house in Gainesville, I cannot say enough great things about our Realtors, the Suskins.)

After the closing, we headed to Lowe’s to start on our first few projects: painting and yard work. The two guest bedrooms and the two bathrooms need to be repainted, as they are ghastly colors that no one should have ever chosen. The worst offender is a lavender room that is not only hideous but also poorly painted. There is paint on the ceiling, on the molding, etc. It’s like a mother asked her child what color her room should be, and the child replied “purple, and I want to paint it myself!” Our first project was just getting the Killz primer on the lavender room walls.

Man at work.

Our painting agreement is that Kevin does the edging and I do the rolling. This works well for us because I am too much of a perfectionist to do the edging (I would spend hours mulling over one inch of edging), while Kevin cares just barely enough to make fast work of it while still doing a wonderful job. Plus, I like to use the roller.

By day 2, we had primed all of the rooms and finished the first cost of paint in the lavender room (I say “first” because it may require a second coat). The new color is “Sisal,” which, as we learned, is an agave plant that is so loved that it has its own website.

The lavender room…post lavender.

We also spent some time digging up nice stones and bricks in the backyard. We imagine there was once a lovely walkway back there, but it has become so overgrown that we have to dig it all out, inventory it, and create a new path. Kevin began digging for his future garden too. He spent over $50 in weird vegetable seeds to plant, but I gave up vegetable gardening a long time ago, so this is all up to him.

Dig and dig and dig and diggity dig.

And we also brought Peanut by to check out her new yard and to make sure there weren’t any ghosts. (As I learned from The Conjuring, when your dog refuses to enter your new home, and then you find him/her dead in the yard the next morning, move out of that house immediately.)


From what I can tell, Peanut loved it, and she christened the yard in the same way Kevin did the house—with a lovely pile of waste. Unfortunately, hers was not flushable.

(PS: One day, this blog will be about wedding planning again…)


3 thoughts on “Our First Home

  1. Yay on the house!!! I can’t wait to randomly drop by one day and stay in a guest room!!! Also, yay for gardening, Its something I just started doing myself and I am loving it!


  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE HOUSE!! Peanut looks SO happy. The yard is fantastic. The Conjuring remark cracked me up. Can’t wait to see it in person!


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