Hi. We’re Kevin and Carly.

Originally, we wrote about wedding planning (snore!), but now we write about all kinds of things. Keep reading to learn more about us!

I’m Carly.

I’m a 20-something female human. I have been described as talkative (mostly by my elementary-school teachers vis-a-vis angry, red lettering on my report cards), cheerful, quirky, free-spirited, and hilarious. In fact, I’m so funny that I was once told I should be a stand-up comedian. (Okay, so it was the foreign girl in my college clarinet section that told me this, but hey, I know how to take a compliment.)

I studied film theory, philosophy, and literary theory in college, and people used to ask me, “Oh, so you want to be a teacher?” and “So you’re preparing for a life of unemployment?” On the contrary, I have worked in document production and construction, and now I work in IT. My latest intellectual endeavor is kicking butt in my Master’s in Information Systems and Operations Management program at the University of Florida.

On any given day, you can find me in a yoga class, biking, running, working on our house, or curled up under a sweatshirt in a movie theater, waiting to be impressed by the latest films (thanks, MoviePass!). My favorite movies of 2016 were La La Land, Manchester by the Sea, and Kubo and the Two Strings. (Or check out all of my film ratings/reviews.) A few musicians I’ve listened to in excess recently are Kite String Tangle, Broods, and Slow Magic.

Kevin (more on him below) is my wonderful husband. We were married on March 14, 2015 (Super Pi Day, 3.1415!) but first met on March 26, 2011.

Other things to know about me: BA in English, love my dogs (Peanut and Dobby), tolerate the bird (Cheepy), music snob (Kevin calls me a hipster, but I’m not, and what does that even mean anymore??), art lover, film buff, existentialist, vegetarian, avid video- and board-game player. My favorite YouTube video at the moment casually explains computers to you.

Meet Kevin!

Kevin is like one of those girls who writes things like: “OMG, about me?? Well, I don’t know how to write about myself so I’ll just insert this [pop star] quote to express who I really am! LOL! <3<3<3<3.” I think he’s the bee’s knees, but maybe he’ll update this one day and tell you who he really is.

Kevin basics: lawyer-turned-software-engineer, obsessed with Cheepy, tolerates Peanut and Dobby, liked only techno until I showed him how diverse a playlist can be, intense video-game player, chef, coffee-maker extraordinaire (ask him how many devices he owns for brewing coffee!), great conversationalist, absorbs information like a sponge (he has an answer for everything), motorcycle enthusiast.


One thought on “Hi. We’re Kevin and Carly.

  1. Wonderfully fun, Carly!!
    And hey, I think that for a proudly frugal family, the selection of your pet’s names is perfect;
    Cheapy instead of the classic Cheepy and “I got it for peanuts” for Peanut. Just sayin’!!


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